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Are you looking for inspiration for your next outing? The Adante Edition will be your muse. The helmet that feeds your will to go even further.

With the Adante Edition helmet, you’ll be comfortable and protected at key moments. From experience, we know that it does no good to have the best shell...unless it’s held firmly in place. That’s why we use Arrow Head dividers: get an adaptive, precise fit from the side straps. You’ll notice a sensation of subtle, yet perceptible security. And its internal Airflow architecture improves the ventilation so much that you can glide through the toughest stage imaginable.


  • Cycling helmet with full accessory kit
  • Designed for high-intensity or long-distance riding
  • Spiuk® X1 rear fitting system and Spiuk® Arrow Head lateral dividers for a high-precision fit
  • Removable enclosed shell to improve aerodynamics or for cold and rain protection
  • Removable visor for all-terrain use. Extra set of bug guards


Internal helmet design comprised of channels that connect the front and rear openings. The large frontal openings enable large volumes of air to enter. Thanks to the continuity of its internal tunnels, effective air circulation is achieved. Whereby air in contact with the head is constantly renewed, thus transferring excess heat to the rear openings. This provides excellent cooling and superior aerodynamic performance compared to conventional internal structures.

Stiff, removable and closed shell. Improves aerodynamic performance, enabling the energy generated by the cyclist to be more efficiently used. It also provides effective protection against adverse weather conditions such as rain, cold and/or wind.

The Arrow Head system enables the lateral sliding straps to be adjusted perfectly and also guarantees excellent ergonomics. An innovative system that influences cyclist comfort and safety.

This product has earned EC certification, meeting the technical and quality criteria set out in the corresponding approval.

Size Guide


To establish the ideal size, measure your head's circumference, as indicated in the image.
Each helmet specifies the appropriate measurements for each size in centimetres.