CRØSBER helmet

As low as 49.9000


CRØSBER helmet

As low as €49.90

The cosmopolitan Kreuzberg district of Berlin is the inspiration of our Crøsber helmet. A place full of activity and graffiti. And where something interesting is always going on.

The Crøsber is just as sturdy and safe as it seems. And it’s a good example of the true streetwear philosophy. A unique style and comfort above all else. So you can squeeze all the juice out of your Big Apple. Its inside hides an extra-thick pad that is pure comfort. And even waiting at a traffic light under a blazing sun, its many air vents keep you cool. The removable cloth visor is the detail that completes your most urban cycling outfit.


  • Urban cycling helmet
  • Perfect for moving about the city on your way to work or for leisure
  • Large rear LED light built into the adjustment system dial. Reflectors
  • Excellent comfort, thanks to its large pad and air vents
  • Includes a practical cloth visor that can be easily removed


This product has earned EC certification, meeting the technical and quality criteria set out in the corresponding approval.

Size Guide


To establish the ideal size, measure your head's circumference, as indicated in the image.
Each helmet specifies the appropriate measurements for each size in centimetres.