Elite Plus Winter Line

Enjoy the beauty of a landscape chiselled by the cold of winter.

Whilst experiencing the warmth of a pleasant summer’s day, protected by the Elite #Plus Winter kit.

Every Rider. Every Ride.

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Waterproof ePTFE membrane with windbreaker properties, with an open structure that ensures excellent protection.

High performance insulation. Warm but not too heavy, water resistant, breathable, easy to pack, light and extremely soft.

Elite Plus Winter Jacket

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Elastic Interface® Vuelta pad optimised for excursions of up to 6 hours.

Thetwe-M2W is a microporous membrane which is waterproof and acts as a windbreaker, developed to resist the most adverse weather conditions. It is ultralight and elastic and provides optimum breathability and thermal stability, and is therefore extremely comfortable for a multitude of sporting activities.

Elite Plus Winter Bib Pants

How does Event protect you?

The eVent® system prevents vapour from condensing before pulling it off the membrane. Instead, it allows ventilation, avoiding moisture and inner surfaces that adhere to your skin. This solution provides unique breathability, which means maximum comfort and efficiency.

Elite Plus 360º Video

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