the technology behind the sensations

Besides biomechanics, power, weight, speed, and so forth, cycling is driven by pure sensation. In fact, sensation is what makes this sport so great. This was the inspiration within the Spiuk R&D team when it developed the new Elite range for summer 2016.

The starting point was to develop garments that enable the cyclist "to enjoy the ride, by feeling their body and nothing else. With the mind must be focussed solely on the exercise, on the rhythm of the pedal stroke”.

Feel your body; forget the clothes

In the words of the Head of the Spiuk Textile Development Department: "The secret is to make you feel comfortable. Our goal is to make garments that you don't even notice you're wearing - and feel the air around you". This is what Spiuk's Air Concept is all about: cycling garments with the best combination of breathability, lightness and comfort.

The Air Concept principles were applied to the development of the Summer Elite 2016 line. This makes it the ideal clothing for cyclists who want to perform high-intensity activities over the summer, and ride in high temperatures.


Sensodry Fresh technology fabrics (110 g size M) that favour rapid sweat evacuation.
Extensive bi-elastic mesh inserts on the back favour body heat evacuation.


Ultralight fabrics (110 g size M) extremely soft.
Perfect balance between weight, optimum fit and breathability.
Elastic Interface Tour HP Carbonium Men Pad Made with tripe density foam.
Optimum usage time 6 hours.


Low cut neck, made with super-elastic fabrics and flatlock seams.
Ensure maximum comfort.
Ultralight fabrics with ErgodryFresh® compressive technology for greater precision and correct blood circulation.
Weight: 140 g size M.

Fit, lightness and breathability

Every detail is the result of careful study, with the sole aim of enhancing cycling performance and comfort, whist remaining invisible to the user. Providing a totally positive usage experience, enabling you to concentrate fully on the exercise.

Cycling is passion, effort, sensation.... in parallel with research, performance and technology. For the Spiuk R&D Department the Air Concept "posed a challenge but also an achievable goal. It's a fact. Sensation and technology can go hand in hand. The end result: the new Elite Summer 2016 line.

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