Our mission

SPIUK Sportline was founded almost 20 years ago as a result of the work and mutual understanding between a team of 3 people with experience in diverse fields of sport, marketing and finance. Their excellent management along with the implementation of a variety of measures helped Spiuk to reach a prominent position as one of the leading companies in the cycling sector in a very short time.

SPIUK Sportline’s main objective is to offer a top quality product to all cyclists wishing to avail of the latest advances in technology at a price they can afford. In short, at SPIUK Sportline we are focused on democratising quality, advances and the best materials. This is all a result of the combined efforts of our different departments, committed to finding the best cycling accessory possible, satisfying the needs of our customers, and spreading the Spiuk brand as far as possible.

To this end, we base ourselves on our love of sport, particularly the different forms of cycling, and on the values that define our products. We always go by the needs of cycling fans, our decisions and performance are guided by their needs. Once they have been specified, the next step consists in finding the proper design to meet them. This stage is carried out by creating a prototype which will then be tested by professional sportsmen and women.

Finalmente, realizadas las correcciones y puesta a punto pertinentes, se fabrica en serie y se comercializa en tiendas especializadas, a la espera de pasar el último y más exigente test: el de nuestros propios clientes, amantes del ciclismo, y conocedores de sus necesidades y exigencias propias.

Last of all, the pertinent corrections and servicing having been done, it is mass produced and marketed in specialist stores, ready to pass the last and most demanding test: that of the customers themselves, cycling fans, who know their own needs and demands.

Competitiveness, properly understood, is the energy that drives us to be better, more efficient, and to better see to our clients’ needs. And, of course, our greatest objective and wish is to offer a top quality product to cyclists wishing to enjoy the best technological advances.

In this respect, our commitment to quality has made SPIUK a reference brand in the world of cycling. Our business philosophy has helped us break into new markets in over 20 countries like Portugal, France, Germany, Sweden, Japan, Italy, Colombia, and Brazil.

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