In style. Unwavering. Exhibiting strength. In short, demonstrating his dominance of the World Triathlon Series. Mario Mola gave a virtuoso performance in Gold Coast, exhibiting his proficiency and talent; once again climbing the podium, despite only requiring a 14th place finish to reclaim his World Championship title.

The Mallorcan consolidates his position as the most consistent triathlete in the world. In addition to his second place finish in Gold Coast, he achieved four wins (Yokohama, Hamburg, Edmonton and Montreal), two second places (Leeds and Abu Dabi) and a fourth over the season, and the Spaniard took the title with a margin of over 1,000 points.

After the 1.5 km swimming segment Mario emerged in 31st place (00:19:12) 40 seconds behind the leader, France’s Luis. Now on his bike, Mola caught up with the favourites halfway through the segment and ended it with a time of 00:54:39. During the running segment, the Spaniard guaranteed his place (00:29:55), although his training colleague Vicent Luis won with a 10 km time of 00:29:44.

Legendary numbers

After the latest World Series event Mario Mola stated that it had been "a great year with a very good finish, it’s incredible to win another title, I can’t believe it". What’s more, when asked about Javier Gómez Noya he recognised that: "He has been an inspiration for me and it is an honour to equal his record of three consecutive titles".

The Gold Coast race was the finishing touch on a year that Mario will never forget. Following his partner Carolina Routier’s accident, he managed, with her help, to come back and win a third consecutive title, a feat within reach of only a select few.

Congratulations Mario!