Winter is here… Scared? Not at all. Lazy? Never. Nostalgia for the many hours riding in the summer sun? Well, perhaps... but there’s no point in looking back. The cold and rain are no obstacle for those who can’t wait for the sun to return. For them, Spiuk has developed a wide range of technical solutions suitable for different cycling profiles and requirements. 

If stopping is not an option and you love riding in cold and changing weather conditions, the ultra-versatile  PROFIT #Cold&Rain  line is what you need. The perfect balance between breathability and protection from the cold and rain. In addition, due to high demand, Spiuk has added a red version to the line.

For days when only the brave dare venture out, the #Cold&Rain jacket continues to guarantee excellent waterproof (30,000 mm water column) and windproof protection. Thanks to its recognised eVENT® membrane, it ensures perfect insulation without renouncing breathability (15,000-25,000 gr/m2 x24h.) and direct sweat evacuation.

The line continues to grow with the addition of a wide range of garments, such as bib shorts, pants, arm warmers etc. in double-layer Thermoroubaix® fabric with Durable Water Resistant treatment providing a barrier against rain.

A cyclist’s winter for all

The most experienced cyclists can see for themselves why the waterproof membrane and eVent® windbreaker in the #Elite line, have been developed and tested with huge success at high altitudes. Spiuk employs the membrane in its Elite #Pro (for more intensive performance) and Elite #Plus (for utmost comfort) models, to deliver extraordinary insulation from the cold, wind and rain, without sacrificing excellent breathability.

Any cyclists who can’t wait until spring to go for a ride will discover that winter cold is kept at bay with our first protective layer, the #Team line. The jacket includes an M2V® microporous, waterproof and windbreaker membrane, ideal for those seeking functionality and excellent features.  The Arrowind® fabric employed in the long trousers is capable of blocking almost 80% of the air that would normally pass through a conventional fabric.

In any event, not everyone who cycles feels the need to compete or notch up the fastest time. But they enjoy every second of each outing, experience. #Race line garments focus on the utmost comfort, for enjoyable riding in the coldest months of the year. Both for men and women, an excellent option to start cycling.

Winter is back!