Long Distance Men Trisuit

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Recommended for Medium or Long distance trials

Trisuit for long or very long distance races, focuses on maximum comfort during sectors T2 and T3, which account for 90% of the race duration.

Long Distance is a discipline where any minor maladjustment or discomfort will be magnified and impede users from deploying their full potential. Thanks to Seamless technology, the garment behaves like a second skin.


- Made with Seamless technology. Very tight pattern free of pressure points or rubbing.
- Made with PP thread. Light weight, resistance and minimum water retention. Water-repellent treatment to reduce absorption and friction from the water surface.
- Spiuk Biomechanics. Efficient Stance rear panel favours correct posture for more efficient performance.
- Abdominal Compression panel to prevent abdominal muscle slippage over the medium-long term.
- Progressive Compression panels on quadriceps favouring venous return, increasing performance and reducing fatigue.
- Spiuk® Triathlon Ultralight perforated pad. Low water absorption and rapid drying. Ideal for long distance bike rides and races.
- Front zip with self-locking pull.
- Rear pockets for carrying energy bars or supplements.

SIZES: 1 [XS-S] / 2 [M-L] / 3 [XL-XXL]


The shorts pattern was designed to provide support to the abdominal area and prevent sagging in the medium to long term.


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