PROFIT Aero Men Summer Bib Shorts

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Temperature range: 20º»32º C / 68º»90º F

The high-performance PROFIT Aero range by Spiuk has been developed to optimise aerodynamic performance during road challenges.

The PROFIT Cullote Aero has been conceived for cyclists that seek to minimise air resistance. Provides improved performance and superior comfort by enabling postures that are coupled to the bicycle. Ideal for those that opt for 75º-76º seat tube angles.


- Mixed construction with ribbed and flat SensodryFresh® fabrics. Reduced number of seams for lower air resistance.
- Very tight pattern, adapted for coupled postures (even for para 75º-76º seat tube angles). Ultra-elastic and resistant fabrics for a perfect anatomical fit. Minimum wrinkles.
- Reinforced braces with bi-elastic mesh inserts. Perfect fit whilst offering superior sweat absorption and expulsion.
Wide elastic cuffs with non-slip system for perfect fit but free of pressure points.
- Elastic Interface® Road Performance pad. Optimised for excursions of up to 7 hours. Special reinforcement in the perineal zone, ideal for more inclined postures on the bicycle.




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