Team Biomechanic Men Summer Bib Shorts

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Temperature range: 15º»32º C / 59º»90º F

The Team Biomechanic range incorporates advanced systems developed by Spiuk for optimal riding performance.

The Team bib shorts use the Progressive Compression technology, which squeezes the legs to facilitate venous return, increasing muscle oxygenation and delaying muscle fatigue. Its evolution for 2018 also incorporates Efficient Stance technology, facilitating the maintenance of correct seating position to improve performance.


- Mixed construction with Seamless technology that avoids pressure points and minimises the number of seams, reducing rubbing.
- Very tight pattern. Very elastic panels with Progressive Compression technology: graduated compression favouring venous return, increasing performance and reducing fatigue.
- Elastic Interface® Endurance 2D pad, optimised for excursions of up to 5 hours.
- Breeze® technology thread. Maintains a fresh feel under any condition and contributes to optimum thermoregulation.
- Extensive Sensodryfresh® mesh inserts on braces that favour heat and sweat evacuation.



ELASTIC INTERFACE® is a brand that CyTech, a young company founded in 2000, has rapidly been able to establish as the maximum and most certified reference in the sector for short cycling trouser protectors. EIT products employ an exclusive CyTech patent, which is currently the global standard, providing 360º elasticity.


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