PROFIT Aero Aerosuit

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PROFIT Aero Aerosuit

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A unique item. In every sense of the word. The PROFIT Aerosuit is an adaptation of the garments used by professional riders in the world peloton. The ultimate expression of aerodynamics. Its one-piece construction adapts perfectly to your body, providing the lowest drag possible. You won't ride faster. You’ll be faster.

You’ll notice how the PROFIT Aerosuit enables you to achieve greater performance and comfort by adopting aerodynamic tuck positions on your bike. Its one-piece construction has enabled the use of fewer fabric layers (by not using braces) and precise fitting by eliminating creases. Resulting in enhanced airflow and improved aerodynamics. Ideal for seat tube angles of around 75°. , Train or compete with garments that are within reach of the few.


  • Single piece skintight suit for improved aerodynamics
  • Conceived for road practice in aerodynamic tuck positions
  • Road Performance Slim Elastic Interface® pad
  • ErgodryFresh®/SensodryFresh® fabrics with ColdBlack® and Sanitized®
  • Front zipper. Non-slip bi-elastic cuffs.


Coldblack® reduces the absorption of sunlight and therefore heat build-up. In Addition it provides reliable protection from damaging UV rays, textiles with Coldblack® guarantee a minimum UPF of 30 in any color. Consequently, the wear comfort of textiles can be tangibly improved.

The Sanitized®sanitising function keeps you fresh all day long, so that you can achieve more and feel more comfortable. It is safe and has long-lasting effects, even after heavy use. It inhibits the growth of bacteria and, with it, unwanted odours, ensuring long-lasting freshness.

Two-way stretch fabric with extraordinary elastic properties. Immediately returns to its original shape without deforming. It provides the correct amount of muscle group compression, resulting in enhanced pedalling precision and accuracy, whilst enabling proper blood circulation.Feels soft and pleasant thanks to its smooth interior, making the garment extremely comfortable to use.

Multi-filament polyester fabric, ideal for the production of high performance sports garments. Its high filament count provides maximum softness and lightness, making the garment very comfortable to use.The fabric's special structure also provides excellent capillarity. Sweat is expelled toward the external garment layer, thereby facilitating rapid evacuation.

ELASTIC INTERFACE® is a brand that CyTech has rapidly been able to establish as the maximum and most certified reference in the sector for short cycling trouser protectors. E.I. products employ an exclusive CyTech patent, which is currently the global standard, providing 360º elasticity.

• Road exclusively use until 3 hours. • Three dimensional EIT Coolcube fabric. Soft brushed polyamide cubes alternate to quick-dry polyester cubes. • Innovative special shaping of the chamois top for improved fit and greater privacy. • Super light-weight pad (only 37 g) thin and superbreathable. Perforated base layer for freshness and maximum breathability. • Ideal for competitive riders demanding maximum freedom of movement and spending all efforts over a shorter amount of time, as in amateur races.

Size Guide

Men’s (cm) S M L XL XXL 3XL
A = Chest Chest 95 99 103 107 113 118
B = Waist Waist 81 86 90 94 99 104
C = Hips Hips 92 96 100 105 110 115
D = Height Height 173 177 182 187 192 198
  • Key measurements for each garment type:
  • A = Chest B = Waist
    Jackets, vests, jerseys, t-shirts
  • C = Hips D = Ankle
    Bib shorts and trousers
  • A = Chest B = Waist C = Hips
  • A = Chest B = Waist
    Arm warmers and other arm accessories
  • C = Hips D = Ankle
    Leg warmers and other leg accessories

Observe which are the key measurements for each garment type. If all measurements do not coincide with the same size, always choose the larger size.