PROFIT Aero Ultralight Jacket

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PROFIT Aero Ultralight Jacket

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The Ultralight PROFIT Aero jacket is based on spring/autumn garments worn by peloton riders when competing in spring trials. A super light accessory, perfect for protecting against the rain with excellent heat and sweat management.

Provides perfect protection against the wind, cold and even light rain. Whilst reducing drag to a minimum. With bi-elastic materials that provide a perfect anatomical fit, this lightweight garment is very compact, making it ideal for spring and autumn riding, or first thing in the morning. You’ll be fast and protected.


  • Ultralight garment. Mixed construction with SensodryFresh® fabrics and M2V® Ultralight membrane fabrics. Reduced number of flatlock seams for lower air resistance.
  • Very tight pattern, adapted to coupled postures. Ultra-elastic and resistant fabrics for a perfect anatomical fit. Minimum wrinkles. Easily compressible, ideal for carrying in a jersey pocket.
  • M2V® Ultralight membrane on front, shoulders and forearms for effective protection against the wind, light showers or the cold.
  • Fabric with SensodryFresh® technology on back and arms, favouring rapid heat and sweat evacuation.
  • Wide rear opening for easy access to jersey pockets.


Thetwe-M2V® est une membrane microporeuse imperméable et coupe-vent développée pour résister aux conditions climatiques les plus extrêmes. Elle est ultralégère et élastique, et permet une transpiration et un maintien thermique optimaux, ce qui assure son confort lors de son utilisation pour la réalisation de nombreuses activités sportives.

Multi-filament polyester fabric, ideal for the production of high performance sports garments. Its high filament count provides maximum softness and lightness, making the garment very comfortable to use.The fabric's special structure also provides excellent capillarity. Sweat is expelled toward the external garment layer, thereby facilitating rapid evacuation.

Size Guide

Men’s (cm) S M L XL XXL 3XL
A = Chest Chest 95 99 103 107 113 118
B = Waist Waist 81 86 90 94 99 104
C = Hips Hips 92 96 100 105 110 115
D = Height Height 173 177 182 187 192 198
  • Key measurements for each garment type:
  • A = Chest B = Waist
    Jackets, vests, jerseys, t-shirts
  • C = Hips D = Ankle
    Bib shorts and trousers
  • A = Chest B = Waist C = Hips
  • A = Chest B = Waist
    Arm warmers and other arm accessories
  • C = Hips D = Ankle
    Leg warmers and other leg accessories

Observe which are the key measurements for each garment type. If all measurements do not coincide with the same size, always choose the larger size.