PROFIT Cold&Rain DWR Glove

PROFIT #Cold&,Rain DWR gloves are made from Thermoroubaix® DWR fabric. They are very breathable, with extraordinary temperature-regulating capacity. Their Durable Water Resistant treatment provides extra protection against the typical off-and-on between-season rains. Their great elasticity and improved pattern ensure exceptional comfort.

The PROFIT Cold&,Rain high-performance range is perfect for those times of the year with cool, unstable weather, achieving a perfect balance between breathability and protection against the cold and rain.


  • Gloves made from ThermoRoubaix® DWR fabric. Extraordinary temperature regulation and sweat expulsion.
  • Very tight-fitting design. Unisex. Long cuff to tuck in under the sleeve/wristband to ensure complete protection.
  • DWR treatment: Durable Water Resistant. Effective protection against light to moderate rain.
  • Touchscreen technology. Fully interactive with smartphone touchscreens.
  • Non-slip silicone on the fingers and palms for improved grip.


Durable Water Repellency. High quality water repellency treatment applied to fabrics. Enables effective and lasting protection against light and/or occasional rain, without affecting fabric breathability or elasticity. Classified as long lasting according to standard ISO 4920.

Warp-knit bielastic fabric from well-known italian manufacturer M.I.T.I. Thanks to its polyester and polyamide composited construction, it has superior breathability and sweat expelling properties, and a extraordinary thermoregulation capacity. Its DWR coating -Durable Water Repellency- becomes an effective first protection against ocassional rain.

Size Guide

Gloves (cm) XS S M L XL XXL
Palma 8-8,5 8,5-9 9-9,5 9,5-10 10-10,5 +11

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