Profit Cold&Rain Helmet Cover

As low as 24.9000


Profit Cold&Rain Helmet Cover

As low as €24.90

The PROFIT Cold&,Rain helmet cover is the icing on the cake for comprehensive rain protection or the first step towards achieving it.

Our PROFIT helmet cover is waterproof. To ensure this is so we have used a coated bi-elastic fabric and carefully sealed the seams. Not a drop will get in. And remember that cycling on rainy days is for the brave. But not the reckless. Therefore, we have included reflective logos at several strategic points. You will be visible in 360º.


  • Waterproof and aerodynamics cycling helmet cover
  • Designed for cold, windy, and rainy conditions
  • Water repellent and windproof bi-elastic coated fabrics and taped seams
  • One size fits all. Pattern developed for a skintight fit
  • Double stripe and reflective logos on front, sides, and rear


Optimised fabric for sports activities in cold climates. Its bi-elastic composition possesses an extraordinary recovery ability and it does not deform with intensive use. Provides optimum compression for different muscle groups, whilst enabling correct blood circulation. Its internal brushed finish ensures unbeatable thermal stability and insulation.

Products with a water column equal to or greater than 10,000 mm, which ensure excellent protection even under constant rainfall. To achieve this, in addition to using waterproof fabrics, we prevent water from getting in elsewhere by sealing the seams, using watertight zips, and adjusting the pattern to fit the body better.

Size Guide

Unisex (cm) S M L XL XXL 3XL
A = Chest Chest <90 95 100 105 110 115
B = Waist Waist <80 85 90 95 100 105
C = Hips Hips <95 100 105 110 115 120
D = Ankle Ankle <82 83 84 85 86 87
  • Key measurements for each garment type:
  • A = Chest B = Waist
    Jackets, vests, jerseys, t-shirts
  • C = Hips D = Ankle
    Bib shorts and trousers
  • A = Chest B = Waist C = Hips
  • A = Chest B = Waist
    Arm warmers and other arm accessories
  • C = Hips D = Ankle
    Leg warmers and other leg accessories

Observe which are the key measurements for each garment type. If all measurements do not coincide with the same size, always choose the larger size.