PROFIT Cold&Rain pants

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PROFIT Cold&Rain pants

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The high performance PROFIT Cold&,Rain range is perfect for cool and changeable weather conditions, providing the perfect balance between breathability and protection from the cold and rain.

The PROFIT COLD&,RAIN bib pants are made of ThermoRoubaix® DWR fabric. Thanks to their Elastic Interface® pad they ensure optimum performance for 5 hours. ,Patterns and components have been revised for better fit. What’s more, DWR technology is Fluorocarbon-free. It maintains the same water protection but is better for the environment.


  • Bib pants with braces, suitable for cold and/or damp periods. Tight-fitting pattern.
  • Bastogne HP by Elastic Interface® pad optimised for rides of up to five hours and especially designed for the rain.
  • Made with dual layer ThermoRoubaix® DWR fabric. Its mixed Polyamide and polyester structure and composition favour sweat absorption and evacuation, whilst ensuring excellent thermoregulation.
  • DWR (Durable Water Resistant) treatment integrated into the fabric creation process for improved eficiency and durability. Now fluorocarbon-free for enhanced respect for the environment.
  • Enables excellent hold free of pressure points. Includes multiple reflective elements for 360º visibility.


Durable Water Repellency. High quality water repellency treatment applied to fabrics. Enables effective and lasting protection against light and/or occasional rain, without affecting fabric breathability or elasticity. Classified as long lasting according to standard ISO 4920.

Warp-knit bielastic fabric from well-known italian manufacturer M.I.T.I. Thanks to its polyester and polyamide composited construction, it has superior breathability and sweat expelling properties, and a extraordinary thermoregulation capacity. Its DWR coating -Durable Water Repellency- becomes an effective first protection against ocassional rain.

ELASTIC INTERFACE® is a brand that CyTech has rapidly been able to establish as the maximum and most certified reference in the sector for short cycling trouser protectors. E.I. products employ an exclusive CyTech patent, which is currently the global standard, providing 360º elasticity.

• Increased protection for long distance rides. Until 7 hours. • Three dimensional shape with lltra-high density inserts. • EIT X-FIFTY MICROFIBRE + MAX fabrics • Top surface totally flush with no areas of transition providing close and continuous skin contact. • Provide breathability and freedom of movement.

Size Guide

Men’s (cm) S M L XL XXL 3XL
A = Chest Chest 95 99 103 107 113 118
B = Waist Waist 81 86 90 94 99 104
C = Hips Hips 92 96 100 105 110 115
D = Height Height 173 177 182 187 192 198
  • Key measurements for each garment type:
  • A = Chest B = Waist
    Jackets, vests, jerseys, t-shirts
  • C = Hips D = Ankle
    Bib shorts and trousers
  • A = Chest B = Waist C = Hips
  • A = Chest B = Waist
    Arm warmers and other arm accessories
  • C = Hips D = Ankle
    Leg warmers and other leg accessories

Observe which are the key measurements for each garment type. If all measurements do not coincide with the same size, always choose the larger size.