Enjoy cycling in winter with these tips

Ride out into your winter sessions well-prepared. It could mean the difference between coming back home with a feeling of having finished an epic route or coming back demoralized… and with a cold.

Learn how your technical apparel works

If you’re one of those brave people who aren’t afraid of winter, then there are 3 things you mustn’t forget: your body temperature , your perspiration and inclement weather conditions such as the cold, rain or wind. You have to know exactly what you’re up against and then effectively combine the different clothing.
That’s the only way you’ll manage to achieve optimum comfort and performance in winter.

  • Keep your body temperature
  • Evacuate your perspiration
  • protect your self from the weather

First layer

Comfort begins where the fabric touches your skin, the First Layer is essential and must expel your perspiration as well as keep in the heat your body’s generating.

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“There are 3 significant things to bear in mind: your body temperature, your perspiration and the weather”

Winter jersey

Do you always need to be fully insulated? If it’s a cold day but not freezing, a good jersey will keep you warm. Plus, it will provide you with excellent perspiration absorption and allow you to move freely.

If light rainfall is forecast, we have water repellent treated jerseys (DWR).

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“You have to know exactly what you’re up against in order to effectively combine your technical apparel”


If things get “serious” we recommend using membrane clothing. Guaranteeing you with an excellent insulation on more intense rainy and windy rides. Choose your jacket thickness (3, 2½ or 2 layers) according to the level of insulation you’re after. You can also combine it with a jersey.

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And remember to check the weather before you go out riding!