VENTIX-K Cycling Glasses Lumiris®

As low as 66.0300


VENTIX-K Cycling Glasses Lumiris®

As low as €79.90

The Ventix-K retains the DNA of one of our most successful models. Try out their comfort, lightness and stability. You’ll see why they’re so popular among cyclists.

By upgrading the Ventix-K glasses we wanted to remain true to their acclaimed predecessor. That’s why we’ve kept the overextended arches in the redesign. They are fully wraparound and protect you from many more points. This is also the reason why it´s almost impossible for the Ventix-K not to fit you perfectly. Embrace our Lumiris® photochromic lenses. They adapt to the light intensity at any given time. Forget worrying about always having to change them.


  • Wrap-around cycling glasses
  • Their light-sensitive lenses make them ideal for changeable weather
  • Dual injection frame with Grilamid® and RUBBER XT non-slip rubber
  • Lumiris® photochromatic lens. UV 400 nm 100% UV protection
  • Includes interchangeable ,mirror lens, ,hard protective case and special microfibre bag


Lumiris® glasses are photochromic, which means they darken as a function of natural external light levels. These glasses rapidly lighten or darken dependingon the intensity of the light they are exposed to. They protect the eyes from UVA and UVB rays, even when the sun is weak, and from glare, providing exceptional visual comfort.

Spiuk® Rubber XT is a hypoallergenic material, very hard wearing and with an excellent grip. Used strategically on support points it prevents your glasses from slipping, even when you perspire.

Grilamid® TR90 is a lightweight material, very flexible and hard wearing. Its use in glasses frames ensures both a comfortable fit and easy and reliable lens changing.

This product has earned EC certification, meeting the technical and quality criteria set out in the corresponding approval.