ANATOMIC Membrane Jacket

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ANATOMIC Membrane Jacket

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The wind, the cold and the rain are no problem for the youngest members of the group. , Nothing can stop them now: they have the Anatomic children’s jacket to protect them.

We’ve used the same M2V membrane as on the adult version, so the Anatomic jacket is the perfect protection from rain and wind. Cycling’s fun for them.


  • Thermal jacket &, windcheater made in 3-layer fabric
  • The outer layer provides an initial barrier to water and light rain thanks to its water-repellent treatment
  • The middle layer is made of our M2V breathable membrane, which provides perfect insulation against rain and wind
  • The inner SensodryWarm® ,layer is a polar fleece that holds the heat, ensuring excellent warmth
  • 3 exterior pockets and reflective strips for increased visibility


Thetwe-M2V® is a microporous membrane which is waterproof and acts as a windbreaker, developed to resist the most adverse weather conditions. It is ultralight and elastic and provides optimum breathability and thermal stability, and is therefore extremely comfortable for a multitude of sporting activities.

Multi-filament fabric with a polyester base, optimum for practising sport in the winter. It is also very comfortable on account of its breathability, as its elasticity provides a perfect fit. Its brushed interior finish ensures optimum insulation and thermal stability.

Guide des tailles

Niños (cm) 1 2 3
Edad 6-8 8-10 10-12
Altura 116-128 128-140 140-152

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