Biciclown: If it is daytime this is Alaska

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This is the chronicle of a unexpected journey to Alaska. A little story that began in Hilo (Hawaii) at 5 am with my eyes fighting against the night to open to a new day. My friend Bryan and his five years old son Ashton, a couchssurfer that had helped me to carry the heavy cardboard box in which Karma will travel to Alaska. Like ET, with huge blue eyes openning to the new day, Ashton was sitting on the handlebars of the bike. His father Bryan, with a balance worthy of an award in the Circus Festival in Monte Carlo, holds the box in one hand while drives the bike with the other. I took the the box for a few miles (it was very heavy) and we did it to the airport. I said goodbye to this special couple who helped me greatly during my subsequent trips to and from Hilo. Ashton's eyes were wet at the time they left.
"Are you crying?" Bryan said.

"No, but my eyes are sweating" Ashton said jumping into the bike.

The friendly staff Go Hawaiian Mokulele took the bike and panniers that in half an hour, I had managed to packe it inside a box. The new airline wave me my excess of baggage. Mahalo!

Arriving at Honolulu begin the adventure. A friend gave me an Alaska Airlines ticket guest. At a much cheaper price than usual allowed me to reach Alaska but in a stand by: only if there is a free seat on the plane.

"Who will want to go to Alaska from Honolulu?" I thought.

My plane would leave at nine in the evening and there were 12 long hours with which I could reconnect with my past, enjoy the present or predict the future of my days in Alaska. Trolleis at the airport in Honolulu cost $ 4, and I will need two to carry all my bags. My situation with all packages around me was not similar to a disabled person. Unable to move. I went to Alaska Airlines counter and Miss Sara informed me that there were no seats on my flight the night.

"What options do I have?" I pleaded.

Brenda called, the supervisor, who kindly booke for ma a out of Honolulu to ...: Seattle.

"And in Seattle?" I asked.

"In Seattle you would have to find a flight to Anchorage (Alaska)", she said. Brenda gave me the option of having all my luggage and the bike was sent however with the evening flight to Anchorage. I did it althought say good bye to Karma because move around doing check in-check out, could be worse than a silent movie without subtitles and pianist.

The flight to Seattle took me two cookies, two juices and a visit to the bathroom. Or what is the same 5 hours. Enough time to meditate and search in my contact list for someone living in Seattle. And I found it. It had been 7 years since I had seen Luigi who had just left her beloved Pamplona to work in the American city. Miraculously, we met in the huge airport and decided to spend the few hours together updating our database of memories. In those days of July in San Fermin in Pamplona where we walked the crowded streets of the universal city.

The sooner I take the flight to Anchorage the more options I could have to grab a seat. The security controls in this country make the big rooms appear like striptrease clubs. All the people taking off shoes, belts, ,.., and fat and grinning policemen touching you everywhere without anyone having to pay for it. At five in the morning (24 hours after leaving Hilo) I was again feeling the hand of the police through my waist in an intimate tango that Piazzolla would love to have embellished with his composition Adios Nonino.

The beautiful flight attendant for Alaska Airlines, Anna, gave me a couple of homemade cookies and a question.

"Will you get married one day?"

Not trying to seduce me, but whether to know if her boyfriend, who goes on a motorcycle touring South America for years, will one day get off the bike and marry her.

"It will be hard" I answered.

Her half smile seemed to guess my answer. In fact, as I said, she prefers him to continue his dream because it is what makes him so beautiful.

The snowy mountains near the Anchorage airport had erased all of cocotereos image, surfers, ukuleles and Hawaiian shirts from my mind. My skin demanded more clothes but all I had was in the saddlebags. I went to the baggage claim and Allison led me to the store.

With jet lag and some wounds in the box, Karma slept in a corner. I collected all the material and the beautiful Allison got me a trolley (without paying $ 4) and even called my contact in Anchorage warmshower to come get me. What kind people of Alaska Airlines does not charge me excess baggage!!
Lewis was for years a couchsurfers. A climber with an eye on the highest rock. And a fighter Linda woman, worker and lover of bikes and marathon, which gave him a place to spend a night, two .., and since more than a year ago that Lewis lives at home.

Lewis appeared with his red van functional in the airport in ten minutes. All the seats bowed to make easy for Karma to go in and we headed to Lindas house.

It was raining, the sky was gray and my heart smiled. I was in Alaska after more than 27 hours, with Karma behind me and with the illusion of who, despite more than 7 years of travel, wants to continue eating every mountain, swim in every river and wake up, on tiptoe, to each new day .

From Anchorage, Peace and Good Being, the biciclown.
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