Biciclown: the Hula is magic

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Like every winter in Montana, Roberta and Smitty went back to the mountains and asked for his usual ski instructor. They liked the way he taught and always went with him. But this year he was not there. He had left Montana and no one could tell where he was. A few years later, Roberta and Smitty decided to change the snow for the white sand and they moved to Hawaii. Without much idea of ​​where to live they end up in Kona on the Big Island. Roberta was born in Hawaii, so it was easy to reconnect with the local culture. They learned to play the ukulele and joined a group to learn the Hula: Hawaiian traditional dance that recalls the flight of birds. They joined a group of Hula, and who was part of the dancers? Their ski instructor in Montana.

This story I was told by my new friends while attending a festival of Hula in which they themselves would take part later. Hula is almost a religion in Hawaii.

These days I have had the opportunity to cycle the island almost entirely. Appreciating the different climates. No less than 11 of the 13 climates in the world. I have not made yet the climb to the summit of Mauna Kea as I wait for the final part of Hawaii. It will be the dessert. I've been only to the visitor center, 2,600 m. high, but the summit is at 4,000. From up there the dawn is one of the most impressive. At night is one of the clearest skies and a dream of astronomers from all over the world. No wonder the summit is crowned by a dozen telescopes. Sleeping up there is prohibited. I will see how I manage to hide in rugged terrain, volcanic, to camp.

A virus has eaten my system Windows. Following the advice of friends I've move into the Ubuntu free software as a Linux platform also free. I did the change in about four hours with the assistance of a volunteer from Ubuntu in Hawaii. A boy, barely 17, gave me a lesson in computer literacy that will blow up the mind of a computer engineer. Not only helped me for free but came to meet me with local trasport. An hour by bus and another hour back.

I'm making up my mind for what comes to me in Alaska. To get ready I check the website of my friend Salva, www.unviajedecuento.com. The photos and story help me to get ready. A year ago he went through there and the route seems to have not being improved. So far I have already put a front fender to Karma. I did it in the only bike shop second-hand in Hilo. The owner, Bill, has so much and different material, that he could open another store or an antique shop. His selling system is very clever: he will buy you the bike for half the price if you wish.

Well folks, I'm going to sleep that tomorrow I am on the road again. From the big island of Hawaii, Peace and Good, the biciclown.
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