Biciclown: when black colour is pink

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My days in Australia were from less to more. I started with a foot infection that cost me 80 aus and ended up with a complete dental checkup and bike checkup for free in Melbourne. People are increasingly supporting my project, and if I will stay more weeks in Australia even my show could have done. But visas are to worldtravelers the game rules. You have to leave before you expire or you pay it. To renew my Australian visa cost more than to fly to New Zealand.

The days in Melbourne were simply great. First thanks to the family that I stayed. Kaz is a Japanese woman married to an Australian who saw my performance recorded by Japanese television. They invited me to his house and there I was almost 10 days. But I had more invitations to stay I had to refuse. Back to sleep on a tatami, Japanese bed, was a great experience. Also speaking again the four words that I know in that language.

She organized the most multiracial presentation I have given in my life. Among the 65 participants were 14 different nationalities. Even a nice girl, Elizabeth, from Rwanda. Unbelievable. It was an inspiring experience for everyone and rewarding for me. A person who had seen me some weeks ago at a market in Byron Bay organized another presentation at a friend's house. After the talk a 80 years old woman came to me and said, "Can I give you a hug?". I was really surprised at such affection but glad to get it.

The third and last presentation took place at the Spanish Club in Melbourne. Basically for an Asturias audience. For them, the presentation was very good but for me, the food was great: Asturian pie, cheese, Spanish omelette, olives, salami, chorizo ... and for dessert the typical rice pudding. Why is always finish?

Ramon took me to the airport and Qantas brought me my Karma (80 kilos) for free to Auckland. Here again I meet old and new friends. Hutch is an old friend. We met in the neighboring provinces to Tibet more than a year. And with more than 70 years still traveling the world. Keith and Annie are new. They invited me to theis house even though I'm bad publicity for your business. They has a car rental company (better rates than AVIS) serving 24 hours a day personally. It's hard to have a conversation with them that is not interrupted by a customer. This week there are many tourists in Auckland, especially since Sunday is the final of the Rugby World Cup: All Blacks against France. No one expects that France won that day and everyone is confident that the black, the official color of the New Zealand team, will allows to see all pink.

At least to me, my first day in this country have begun in pink color. Except for the bad weather.

From Auckland Peace and Good Being, Biciclown.

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