ANATOMIC Earwarmer

As low as 17.9000


ANATOMIC Earwarmer

As low as €17.90

You´ll discover just how practical our , Anatomic earwarmer is when you put it to the test on an icy winter´s day. Its soft merino wool-lined interior ensures a warm and comfortable ride.

The Anatomic ear warmer is very light and elastic, maintaining a perfect fit below a helmet. Thereby venting excess heat from the top of the helmet. The ear warmer provides extra protection that you can always have on hand in a jacket pocket. You may be able to live without it, but you won´t have as much fun riding in the cold.


  • Light band for protecting the forehead and ears when its cold outside
  • Elastic exterior ErgodryWarm® fabric and merino wool-lined interior
  • Fits perfectly under a helmet, evacuating heat from the top
  • Exterior heat transfer design with non-fade brilliant colours
  • One size fits all. Unisex


Biodegradable natural fibre. Has a high thermal capacity, maintaining a constant body temperature and providing warmth even when wet. It wicks away perspiration and, thanks to its natural antibacterial properties, prevents unpleasant odours.

Optimised fabric for sports activities in cold climates. Its bi-elastic composition possesses an extraordinary recovery ability and it does not deform with intensive use. Provides optimum compression for different muscle groups, whilst enabling correct blood circulation. Its internal brushed finish ensures unbeatable thermal stability and insulation.

Size Guide

Unisex (cm) S M L XL XXL 3XL
A = Chest Chest <90 95 100 105 110 115
B = Waist Waist <80 85 90 95 100 105
C = Hips Hips <95 100 105 110 115 120
D = Ankle Ankle <82 83 84 85 86 87
  • Key measurements for each garment type:
  • A = Chest B = Waist
    Jackets, vests, jerseys, t-shirts
  • C = Hips D = Ankle
    Bib shorts and trousers
  • A = Chest B = Waist C = Hips
  • A = Chest B = Waist
    Arm warmers and other arm accessories
  • C = Hips D = Ankle
    Leg warmers and other leg accessories

Observe which are the key measurements for each garment type. If all measurements do not coincide with the same size, always choose the larger size.