We have a challenge: to make cycling an exceptional and memorable experience at every level.

So we take care of every detail in every fabric and finish we use. But with special attention to aesthetics. Only then can we produce a garment that will make you proud when you go out on a ride.

Designer Sewing machine Handmade patterns

Every design is a challenge. A new summit. A personal struggle to improve on previous achievements. Fortunately, working as a team, supporting each other in the gruppetto, makes everything easier.

If this sounds familiar, then we are speaking the same language. We are driven by the same passion for cycling. And that shows in the result.

Custom designs
Custom designs
Custom designs
Custom designs
Custom designs
Custom designs
Custom designs
Custom designs


We have compiled a list of the main questions that often arise about customized products.

If you don't find an answer, don't hesitate to contact us!



Our design team will be on hand to advise you from the outset. We can adapt your ideas, designs or the elements that identify you to produce a kit with your own personality.

We do not charge for designs, nor are there any extra costs involved if the garments go into production.

There are no limits. The aim is to achieve an exciting design. Therefore, we will make the necessary modifications until you are satisfied. There are no extra costs.



We can adapt to your needs. We study each case individually, so we can provide you with the best option.

Of course. You can replace manufactured garments at any time. And we will honour the conditions of the initial order.

That’s easy. We can provide samples of all the sizes in our different ranges. And we can send these to the address you provide, so you can try them out and decide.

Your kit will be delivered within 45 days once you have agreed to our general conditions and the final design.

It's best to contact our authorised sales outlets. Just visit the shop where you purchased the garments, and they will get in touch with our Warranty Department to provide a rapid solution.

Ask us

If you have any queries or questions, please don’t hesitate to write to us and we will contact you as soon as possible.