Stopping because it's cold or because it's raining isn't an option. With our #Cold&Rain range you'll feel protected when bad weather gets even worse, while effectively wicking moisture away.

water Resistant

Cold & rain

water repelent

with the water resistant cold & rain product range you’ll be prepared for a wide variety of temperatures and weather conditions..

Warp-knit bielastic fabric from well-known italian manufacturer M.I.T.I. Thanks to its polyester and polyamide composited construction, it has superior breathability and sweat expelling properties, and a extraordinary thermoregulation capacity. Its DWR coating -Durable Water Repellency- becomes an effective first protection against ocassional rain.

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Durable Water Repellency. High quality water repellency treatment applied to fabrics. Enables effective and lasting protection against light and/or occasional rain, without affecting fabric breathability or elasticity. Classified as long lasting according to standard ISO 4920.

water repelent

Cold & rain


The waterproof range cold&rain products will be your allies when the going gets tough. It’s your bike and you against the elements.

Waterproof ePTFE membrane with windbreaker properties, with an open structure that ensures excellent protection. The eVent® system prevents vapour from condensing before pulling it off the membrane. Instead, it allows ventilation, avoiding moisture and inner surfaces that adhere to your skin. This solution provides unique breathability, which means maximum comfort and efficiency.