Cycling Fans, This is... Spiuk World

Cycling is much more than the mere act of pedalling.

It is the sum total of different stories, rituals and traditions that are forged in each and every gruppetto and every outing.

Experiences that enrich a philosophy of life.


Stelvio, a magical "Inferno"

The Stelvio is the living history of the Giro. An ode to cycling. A favourite for thousands of cycling fans around the world. Its 48 tornanti on the ascent from Prato are magic in numbers. A clear before and an after...

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Sea and mountains. Winding trails and steep cliffs. Friends and a bike. A little bit of adventure followed by a fireside celebration. The folks at Basque by Bike had a cool plan in store for us...

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The Great Confinement with Caja Rural - Seguros Rga and Burgos BH

“The confinement” has affected us all. Months of work, planning, dreaming...suddenly it’s all for nothing. Such a heavy blow forces us to look ahead. The first step: knowing how to adapt in order to deal with it.

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Thanks to cycling Jean Denis remains hopeful and has an extra incentive to fight his illness each day. #EveryBikeHasATale

Coffee with Champions: Mario Mola and Eneko Llanos

Two figures of the triathlon around a good coffee chat about their way of life and their passion ...

Gravel Line By Spiuk: Forget the Rules

Spiuk’s Limited Edition #Gravel Line has been conceived for those seeking to ride beyond the limits imposed by the road...


For some, they’re the rival to beat. For others, they’re legendary heroes. They are the undeniable leaders for fans of this sport. For us, our ambassadors are a source of pride and our inspiration to make our products even better.